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Steve Brooks 07/03/11: “... the sporadic nature means that I can't maintain the consistency of plot so until I get to a stage where I can game regularly either on line or offline the campaign is effectively dead but the characters can continue...”

The main campaign is set within the legendary kingdom of Cantabria. It is one of four great kingdoms which together comprise the sea-locked continent of Cantaboria. The other three are Khalkidia, Municipia and Griffildi.

The legendary kingdom of Cantabria is approximately 500 miles wide and 900 miles long. The country has rarely been completely united and is often separated into different minor kingdoms. Originally founded by Sarco, who was amongst the first of the human leaders to reach the continent from the fabled land mass to the west. Cantabria has only been truly united twice and is once again segmenting itself due to various pressures, political and non-human.

The country is separated from the rest of the continent by a range of mountains at its northern edge. South of this the climate is generally temperate, though the winters are often severe. At the southern end of the country a second mountain range separates the southern and generally warmer coast from the rest of the country. This southern region has a more mediterranean climate. It is this area that produces much of the wine for the country. Within the southern mountains a small but strong orc tribe has recently made a resurgence and has taken over much of the southern mountains. Most of the central region is covered in forests and includes an Elven kingdom at its heart, independent though normally allied to the Cantabrian cause. To the north Khalkidia is beyond the northern mountain range and this border is patrolled by a guild of rangers. They stop or at least track and punish any incursions by the orc tribes that live just over the border. Many young adventurers have traveled along this northern border to gain battle experience under guidance of the rangers. Though several have died in this trek, it is still sought out by sons of nobles as a proving ground in the absence of any internal strife. To the eastern end of the mountains the Dwarven nation stands as a bulwark against the Orcs over the border. The Citadel towns (Carmaletten and Berwik) are two of the most cosmopolitan in the country with Elves, Dwarves and humans found living in relative harmony with the common interest being the Rangers guild.

The kingdom is split into 6 duchies including a section of land near the capital (Canton) that is reserved for direct royal control. This area is known as the Inner Kingdom and is a natural flood plain and produces a vast amount of food for the capital and the rest of the country. The northeastern dukedom is Istria, and to the northwest is Denzalia, which also includes a large inland sea that has a small independent kingdom of lizardmen living on its shores. In the central west of the country the inner kingdom is found while to the south of that is Veloii. Central east is Duetin, which includes the city of Chia which is independent and controlled by the Mage's guild. Specifically in fact the Arch-Mage (or Arch Duke of Chia) who has ruled Chia for several decades. To the South east is Uradili, which is now smaller in size thanks to the upsurge of the orcs in the mountains and loss of several towns.

There are six cities within Cantabria. Canton the largest by far is the capital and houses the royal palace. It is surrounded by huge walls that were built by and have in turn resisted attacks by Giants. A short distance downriver from Canton is Neswonnos, a dark and dangerous city where few go by choice but is also the main trading city for the nation. In the centre of the country is Beluni, the most beautiful in the country, influenced by elves it is full of open spaces and parks. Many half elves and not a few elves reside herein and it is often seen as the gateway to the elven woods. The City port of Chia in the east is the centre of the Mages Guild power and is the smallest of the six cities. In the south is Port Raz. This city controls much of the trade with the Schlegian Isles far to the south. An archipelago of many islands that few have traveled to as the journey takes a considerable time to complete. In the centre of the nation is Sarcophraz, founded by the legendary Sarco, this city is run by guilds and is the industrial centre for the nation, many finished goods being produced here and shipped around the country.