Dartford, 14th October 2006


Party: Finariel (Floyd), Makhan, Faradin, Daingold, Ferric (Gwaihir)


June 1st 2082

The party is holed up in Faradin’s Seat when we are informed of the attack on a supply caravan containing a still. The dwarfs and humans are dead but two dwarfs are also missing. Trying to get our bearings on where the attack took place which turns out to be down the road to Sprit, about 3 days ago.


June 2nd

Head out from “The Seat” towards the site of the attack. Gwaihir is scouting ahead from the air, Floyd is a little way ahead of the party but finding it difficult as the terrain is not his usual.

Nothing of note discovered.

Faradin has used his prowess as a Ranger Lord and discovered that there are large humanoid tracks up to the site. He does not know what they are made by.

Ferric wanted to try “Speak with Dead” but then said he “had nothing useful” (sic).

In the last of the light Gwaihir scans the tracks that finds a long abandoned track. This passes through several defiles and eventually arrives at what he thinks is a lake. On the track there is a crude statue of what looks like a Dwarf. The trail has been used in the distant past by wagons.

Make camp for the first night at the attack site.


June 3rd

Following the trail of the attackers to join this new track. (to lead us to the significantly cash positive adventure).

After a few hours a discarded rotting Dwarf foot is found. Smelling better rotten than it did when the owner was attached!

Faradin scouts out a camp and finds the second foot and Dwarf bones. It appears that the attackers camped up and ate the Dwarf but discarded the disgusting feet.

Move on towards a defile. See a dwarf skull. Ferric, Faradin and Daingold move forward to examine and are enveloped by a Trapper! Not spotted by find traps and Floyd did not have his ESP tuned in.

Burning hands used to great effect by the hero magic users. The Trapper is no more!

Makhan realises that the second dwarf was tossed to the Trapper and the raiding party moved around it while it was occupied.

The Trapper is searched. The spoils are 81cp, 96sp, 9gp, gold arm band, silver pipe, gold medallion and a poleaxe head. Possible values: Pipe 2gp ??, Medallion 5gp ?, Armband 50gp ??

Night comes. We camp. Watches set. 1st watch sees 2 giant Eagles over head. We wave heartily and they ignore us! The night passes peaceably.


June 4th

Head out towards the second defile. Arrive to look at the statue. The statue is indeed a Golem. About 9ft tall and Dwarf like holding 2 stylised battleaxes. Faradin has fly cast upon him by Ferric and moves towards the Golem. The statue animates and starts to swing its axes but does not advance on Faradin. Faradin moves around the golem to the large boulder. He attempts to push the boulder when it suddenly turns into a Mimic. The Mimic grabs Faradin and the Golem steps forward to strike. Combat begins!

Faradin gets sucked into the Mimic and it consumes him. His death then becomes an inevitability. Makhan fights the Golem but is driven back by the ferocity. He is forced retreat. Daingold valiantly (foolishly) steps up to take on the Golem and is hit by the Mimic and held by it. The combat goes badly, to say the least. Makhan madly fires his “Panzer Faust” staff at the Mimic, fortunately missing the party! The Golem smashes Daingold in the chest, splitting him in two. Two dwarfs down and one dwarf left to be cleansed! The “Panzer Faust” speaks again and the Mimic passes into the next level of existence. The combat ends. Faradin is dead and trapped within the dead Mimic. Daingold is cleaved in two. The Golem is back at its station but still active and it appears impossible to move the Mimic “body” without activating the Golem.

Ferric has worked it out. He has found a plaque that says “Approach Friend”. If you walk up to the golem directly it will let you pass. Oh so simple but what a price to pay!

We have decided that to take Faradin back to “The Seat” will only stop his Raise Dead as Origol will ban it. To be brought back from the dead as a follower of Clangedin is against the religious beliefs. So we will take him to Sarcophras as soon as possible and try to get him raised their. We have done it before! He may need to become a follower of some other God mind. J

Treasure from Mimic of note. 4 gems, 50cp, 84sp, 9gp and a small gold ingot (about 200gp in value).

Gwaihir has gone to Sarcophras and visited a cleric who will perform the raise dead but the price is Gwaihir. Ferric must decide…….


June 5th

Ferric has agreed to the deal. Faradin owes Ferric BIG TIME. Faradin agrees to Ferric’s every desire and request until he dies again. (Should be OK in a day or two then). Gwaihir returns and picks up the body. The party heads back to the camp and will then move on to Sprit.

The story for the guards is that as Daingold fell and Faradin, most seriously wounded, has been taken by Gwaihir for serious deep healing.

Party heads back to the Hold.


June 6th

Faradin is Raised again!


June 9th

Faradin return intact to the Hold. Gwaihir leave Ferric for the last and final time. Origol vows to come on the next mission to make sure that if he dies again he will not be raised. Last chance saloon has been reached.


Mission Take 2


June 10th

Back to the wagons. Night passes peaceably.


June 11th

Follow the trail again. Camp the night.


June 12th

Third watch of the early morning we are approached by 9 orcs. Set up an ambush and fireballed them. Three drop instantly. A forth is dropped by Makhan shooting. Rest are dispatched in quick time. 12sp and 20cp given to Makhan. Leader given first aid but will not become conscious as it did not work.

We have got past the Golem. All new ground to be explored from here on forward.

The party cross the lake using fly and enter a dungeon area.

A fight ensues with 4 ogres. These are attacked but more arrive to reinforce. The grind now starts.

Finally the Ogres are beaten. Faradin falls again, but this time he does not actually die. Needs a heal to regain consciousness.

It looks like the Ogres have only been here a few weeks so they have been smoked out before getting too established.

A room with a set of stone doors have been found. There are 3 riddles over them, a set of dwarf alphabet and fresh blood (few days old) in front of them.

The riddles have been solved, we think. Heart, Moon and Mountain are the answers it is believed.

The party is in poor shape. It is decided that this is a good place to hole up before pressing on through the stone doors.

Ferric does detect magic on the doors and find magic over the floor in front of them.


June 13th

Makhan insists that we go back to “The Seat”. We spend 3 days travelling back.


June 17th

We head back to the dungeon that we now know to be a family hold (probably). We spend 3 days travelling back.


June 20th

Back inside the hold. We have 4 guards outside looking after the still crate and the mule (molly).

The riddle answers were correct. The doors open and they are 10ft thick. This is indeed a private hold. 8 living quarters are immediately off the corridor. 1 has an evil aura. On closer inspection a secret door is found leading to a room with an evil alter in it. The alter is to Laduguer. A fallen god. The god of shadows or magic. Ferric wants to leave it. Faradin concurs and we leave the secret door as we found it, ajar.

We find a book that details the life of the hold. Basically they were attacked by Undead. A Dwarf called Dundinn appears to have been turned to the dark god Laduguer and cursed the mine and the miners. All have died. We have accessed the strong room and found the last 2 unaccounted bodies. The strong room is full of gold ingots BUT they have been changed into Fools Gold. We think the gold was changed as part of the curse as you cannot make fools gold ingots like this. It will be interesting to find out.

Makhan has expressed his desire not to continue on but the rest of the party wish to go on.

The party proceed into the lower levels.

The doors are opened and 10 skeletons are found behind it. Makhan is given Prot from fire and holds the Skeletons up. Finariel Fireballs them. Many down leaving the fighters to finish them off.

The tombs are next to be investigated. We find 15 graves not all of which have been used. They look like common graves. Doors into a larger room with more tombs, slightly higher ranking. Doors to a final room where the chiefs are buried. We get into the founder’s tomb but Origal falls, literally, for the old 50ft pit trap. Eight hours later he regains consciousness and cures himself.

We go back into the tomb and negate the remaining traps then pass through the secret passage to the mine.

A jetty is found with 2 boats that are intact. When we try to cross we get pushed back. Turns out we need a toll per boat per passage. The toll is the liquid from the clay flasks found in the hold.

Under a cover of gravel a trap door is found covering a 100ft shaft that opens into a cavern. In this are 5 skeletons of miners and boxes of gold ore. It is real gold! This is still a viable mine.

The adventure was successful!