Player Maps

Cantabria Map - Sketch-map of all Cantabria. A zoomed-in view of the Red / Southern Mountains is given in this Regional Map.

RED MOUNTAINS PASS – Full-colour detailed contour map of the Pass, showing the Dragen-Sor Trader's Trail and Lord Faradin's Hold.
Detailed versions showing local features (Gold Mine, tower/road-building progress, etc): Pre-2083, 2083, 2084, 2085, Post-2085.

Hold – Entry Level – Entrance to The Hold: Outer Walls, Valley & buildings, including The Pick'n'Axe Inn, and the Chapel of Clanggedin.
Hold - Main Level – Main area of The Hold: Grand Stairway, Faradin's Chambers, Living Quarters and the Temple of Moradin.
Hold – Works Level - Workshops area of The Hold: Smithies, Masons', Armoury, plus details of the Chasm Stairways (and the dragon...)
Hold - Caverns Level – Mushroom farm caves, plus Temple of Berronar, etc. (Anti-vermin defences: Hold - Caverns Map 2 RESTRICTED ACCESS!)
Hold – Cross-Sectional View – How the Hold's levels fit together, showing shafts & stairways from the Mountains to the Lower Lake.

Hammerhand's Map – Historical adventurer's map of the Red Mountains (West Southern Mountains), by "Edgar Hammerhand".

GM Maps (NB: Require CC Viewer)

The maps of Cantabria will be uploaded as they are completed, though I suspect that I will run out of disk space before too long... They are in FCW format which is Campaign Cartographer 2. There is free viewer/printer software (CC3 but works for CC2) available from: Download viewer file

Basic Map of Cantabria - This map shows all of Cantabria, with the various duchies named, and parts of neighbouring lands:
[NB: This version is OK and not corrupted, unlike the one currently on the Cantabria home page!]

Port Raz Confederacy  - This map shows the area used for the PBEM game. It shows terrain, the Orc lands and the various towns of the region, some of which the players can control.
[NB: This version has more details than the one currently on the Cantabria home page!]