The Magic of Cantabria


THE BLUE FILE - Complete OFFICIAL Cantabrian variant magic spells (with summary of differences from AD&D 1e)

AD&D 1st-Edition Spells (default reference for spells undefined in the 'Blue File')

Cantabrian Magic Spells List by Colleges (with links to AD&D 1e descriptions)

Cantabrian Cleric Spell Lists by Religion: Orisons, Ukko, Sif, Hel, Moradin, Clanggedin, Dumathoin, Corellon Larethian

Book of the Living Dead - by 'Ashnah the Hunted' (SAB)

Researches into the Applications of the Magic Mouth Spell - by 'Sedgewick the Sage' (Evalin) [SJW]

Magic Mouth Variant (as researched by the Late Sedgewick the Sage )