Cantaboria Play-By-Mail


** This game never started but see how ambitious it was! Go here for the actual Cantaboria PBeM! **

Cantaboria 3 – The Legacy of Ayathgaron

CANTABORIA MAP* – Interactive hex-map of Cantaboria with the nations, armies, places of note, plus physical/political views and history! (Home Page)

CANTABORIA ORDERS* – Players of the Cantaboria PBeM can order their characters each turn with this applet.

CANTABORIA SETUP* – To play in the Cantaboria PBeM you can setup a nation with this applet. Mail the output to me, and you're off! (Screenshot)

CANTABORIA CAMPAIGN – Background setting details for the “Cantaboria – Legacy of Ayathgaron” campaign. One for any RolePlayers out there!

THE OLD MANUAL – Steve B's manual for the earlier Cantaboria PBM. Many things will seem similar, but somehow strangely different...

RULES - New rules, and references to older rules used for various aspects of the game (such as HOTT battles).

FORUM – For discussion of the rules or any aspect of the game, or further knowledge/roleplaying in the world of Cantaboria...

PLAYERS/ARMIES – Details of the players, their nations and the standing armies of all nations in the Cantaboria PBeM game.

* If any of these applets don't work, you may need to install a newer version of the Java runtime – available here:

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