Character Creation

The process of creating a character within Cantabria is quite long and I have broken it down into the requisite steps below.  It should be possible to complete the basic creation steps of a character once you have gone through all of these steps.


The character is first born, thus the first thing to decide is the race of the character.  Within Cantabria there are certain major races that are the most common.

Racial Adjustment Table

































Half Elf








Half Ogre








Half Orc
























Lizard Man
















Rolling Characteristics


When rolling characteristics the player rolls two dice for each statistic.  They may then roll a further 12 dice and allocate them as they choose, however only the best three dice will be used to calculate the statistic.




Innate abilities

By their very nature dwarves are non-magical. For every 3.5 points of constitution, +1 is gained on any save vs magic, unfortunately dwarven mages are very rare because of this antipathy to magic as it also reduces cast chance for magic users by 5% for each 3.5 points

Similarly dwarves have exceptional constitutional strength with regards to toxic substances, ingested or injected.  They are immune to all mineral forms of poisons and the get same bonus as their magic resistance to other kinds.

Dwarves are able to see radiation in the infra-red spectrum, so they can see up to 60’ in the dark by noting the varying degrees of heat radiation.  This is known as infravision.

Dwarves are also miners of great skill. They are able to detect the following facts when within 10’ of them (if looked for).  Note that these bonuses only apply to a dwarf coming from a mining family.

Detect grade or slope in a passage (up or down)75%

Detect new construction or passage/tunnel75%

Detect Sliding/shifting walls/rooms67%

Detect stonework traps50%

Determine depth underground50%






Guild :  Journeyman (Inheritence 5d20sp)



Guild :  Master-Independent (Inheritance 10d20sp with armour and weapon)



Guild :  Master-Business owner (Inheritance 10d20sp with weapon and armour)



Guild :  Councillor (Inheritance 20d20sp, with two weapons, armour and shield)



Guild :  Guild Master (Inheritance 20d20sp, with two weapons, armour and shield, 80% chance that the weapon is +1 and a 20% chance that another item is magical too.



Noble : Thane, inheritance will be 5d20sp, weapon and armour



Noble : Lord, inheritance will be 7d20sp, weapon and armour



Noble : Earl, inheritance will be 10d20sp, weapon and armour



Noble : Duke, inheritance will be 10d20sp, weapons and armour



Noble : Royalty, inheritances will be 20d20sp


Royal rank

(01-49)Blood relation*

(01-29)Brother/Sister of King

(30-74)Uncle/Aunt of King

(75-00)Cousin of King

(50-84)Married relation*

(01-50)Brother/Sister in law

(51-00)Father/Mother in Law



(01-35)Fifth in line

(36-59)Fourth in line

(60-79)Third in line

(80-95)Second in line

(96-00)Crown prince


* Roll on noble rank table again, cannot be royalty.

(01-02) Architect

(03-04) Artist

(01-25) Painter

(26-00) Sculptor

(05-06) Banker

(01-20) Auctioneer

(21-80) Banker

(81-00) Moneylender

(07-09) Clothier

(01-05) Designer

(06-15) Ink & Dye maker

(16-35) Tailor

(36-73) Tanner

(74-00) Weaver

(10-15) Priest hood

(01-30) Apothecary

(31-45) Herbalist

(46-80) Priest

(81-00) Paladin

(16-18) Entertainment

(01-20) Dancer


(61-00) Musician


(19-20) Furniture makers

(01-35) Cabinet maker

(36-55) Joiner

(56-00) Materials preparer (tre cutter)

(21-26) Merchants

(01-45) Merchant Trader

(46-70) Storage distribution

(71-00) Security


(27-47) Military

(01-50) Soldier

(51-72) NCO

(73-84) Junior Officer

(85-96) Officer

(97-98) Senior Officer

(99-00) Military Engineer

(48-53) Provisioners

(01-20) Chef

(21-60) Farmer

(61-00) Livestock breeder

(54-56) Scholar

(01-09) Teacher (Guild school, roll again for guild)

(10-19) Research Scholar

(20-22) Astronomer

(23-32) Astrologer

(33-52) Historian

(53-68) Linguist

(69-78) Botany

(79-88) Zoology

(89-95) Accountant

(96-00) Alchemist

(57-60) Smith

(01-25) Utilitarian

(26-50) Metal

(51-75) Precious Metals

(76-00) Gems

(61-93) Stone Mason

(01-70) Miner

(71-85) Mine Construction

(86-00) House Construction

(94-96) Thieves

(01-35) Thief

(36-70) Military Scout

(71-00) Trap removal expert

(97-99) 2 Skills

(00-00) 3 Skills




(01-05) Bastard25% gold inherited

(06-10) 5th Sibling50% gold inherited

(11-20) 4th Sibling50% gold inherited

(21-60) 3rd Sibling50% gold inherited

(61-90) 2nd Sibling

(91-00)1st Sibling



Innate abilities

All elves gain a +18 save against sleep and charm. All elves have the ability to see using Ultravision, this enables them to see with a minimum of light.  Elves can move silently and hide in their natural habitat with a 75% ability in each case (albeit only in forests).  Elves are also immune to non-magical diseases.  

Elves need very little sleep, instead they go into a trance like state for about 4 hours every night.  Whilst in this state they are very hard to wake up.











07-80Plant tender





Eleven lineage is less important unless the character is Royal.  Elven parents care for their children when they are young but just take an interest as they get older.  To determine how well liked an Elf is by their parents roll D100 twice and take the average.  If the score is high they are well liked, if low tend to be ignored rather than disliked.


01-20 First sibling

21-60 Second sibling

61-70 Third sibling

71-00 Bastard (This is not a stigma within elven lands, it just tends to mean that the father is unknown, as the coupling occurred during a party, but probably not with the mothers regular partner.)


Inaate Abilities

All half elves gain +6 on their saves versus sleep and charm spells.  They also gain ultravision.



This needs to be defined for both mother and father.  Half elf parents can live amongst elves or humans and will have an appropriate background.  If both parents were pure blood then the heritage is decided on separate tables.



First Child


Half Ogres

Move 12”

Average Height : Male is 96” Female is 84”, Weight ranges between 315and 425 pounds

Initial age as a human

Skin and hair is variable and ranges through: brown, grey, black, dull yellow or dull green.

Eyes D6: 1: Human eyes, 2-5. Enhanced night vision. 6: Ogre eyes, with infravision and white pupils.

Immune to Lycanthropy, weapons often a size larger (Dice extra damage)

Infravision to 60 feet if have Ogre eyes


Half Orcs

Inate Abilities

All Half Orcs gain Ultravision







(01-30) Serf

(01-10) Fisherman

(11-80) Farmer

(81-90) Herdsman

(91-95) Unguilded occupation & Farmer

(96-99) Dairy worker

(00-00) Reeve

(31-50) Freeman (Rural)

(01-65) Tenant Farmer (Rate payer)

(66-70) Animal Trainer/Breeder

(71-72) Bird Trainer/Breeder

(73-73) Beggar

(74-74) Fool

(75-75) Village Idiot

(76-83) Farm Labourer

(84-93) Fisherman

(94-94) Iceman

(95-95) Hunter

(96-96) Poacher

(97-98) Trapper

(99-99) Thatcher

(00-00) Roll twice on this table

(51-60) Freeman (Urban)

(01-01) Animal Trainer

(02-05) Beggar

(06-06) Cartographer

(07-10) Cook

(11-11) Executioner

(12-14) Fisherman

(15-15) Gaoler

(16-16) Iceman

(17-17) Jester/Fool

(18-69) Labourer

(70-73) Longshoreman

(74-75) Porter

(76-80) Prostitute

(81-82) Ratter

(83-85) Scribe

(86-92) Servant

(93-93) Swordmaster

(94-96) Teamster

(97-98) Thatcher

(99-99) Toymaker

(00-00) Tutor

(61-65) Guildsman (Rural)

(01-03) Charcoaler

(04-05) Innkeeper

(06-42) Metalsmith

(43-78) Miller

(79-81) Miner

(82-83) Ostler

(84-85) Salter

(86-93) Timberwright

(94-95) Weaponcrafter

(96-00) Woodcrafter

(66-75) Guildsman (Urban)

(01-01) Apothecary

(02-02) Arcane Lore

(03-04) Chandler

(05-09) Clothier

(10-10) Courtesan

(11-11) Embalmer

(12-12) Glassworker

(13-16) Harper

(17-17) Herald

(18-21) Hideworker

(22-24) Innkeeper

(25-25) Jeweller

(26-26) Lexigrapher

(27-29) Litigant

(30-30) Locksmith

(31-32) Mason

(33-38) Mercantyler

(39-51) Metal smith

(52-61) Miller

(62-65) Ostler

(66-69) Perfumer

(70-70) Physician

(71-71) Pilot

(72-76) Potter

(77-77) Salter

(78-80) Seaman




(84-85) Weapon crafter

(86-00) Woodcrafter

(76-80) Military (Rural)

(01-15) Mercenary

(16-00) Yeoman

(81-95) Military (Urban)

(01-50) City Guard

(51-00) Mercenary

(96-97) Priesthood

-See Deities


(98-00) Nobility

(01-46) Knight

(47-86)Knight Banneret

(87-96) Baron

(97-98) Count

(99-99) Duke

(00-00) Royalty




Spouse (Roll again if not applicable)


Offspring (Roll again for sibling rank

(01-25) Eldest(76-80) 6th Eldest

(26-45) 2nd Eldest(81-85) 7th Eldest

(46-60) 3rd Eldest(86-90) 8th Eldest

(61-70) 4th Eldest(91-95) 9th Eldest

(71-75) 5th Eldest(96-00) Roll Again

Roll again, relative to youngest


Acknowledged Bastard


Unacknowledged Bastard


ADOPTED:  (50% chance that the character will not know the identity of real parents, or even that he/she is adopted)…Re-roll for actual birth status and consider present operation to apply to adoptive parents (if character is unaware of adoptive status – do not tell him)



Lizard Men

Natural Armour class 5, type 6 (Scale mail)

Normally speak Common and Lizard man (if intelligent enough)

See well in dim light

If slain only a wish or alter reality will revive them

Hold breath underwater for 10 minutes

6” movement on Land and 12” under water.

Must wet skin every day or have 20% chance of losing one constitution point permanently

Height Average = 7’

Average Weight 350#

Green Scales

Eat Fish, small game, plants, and human flesh.


The sex of the character is either male or female.  It is recommended that players play their own sex when they first start to play, but this is not mandatory of course. Cantabria is a magic rich world where both sexes are viewed equally though in some circumstances it can probably be viewed with bias towards men, this is not intentional but is a reflection upon medieval times which were a male dominated society.  Within most kingdoms, rulership goes to the first born.  Probably the worst race for sexual bias is the Orcish one where only males are seen as warriors and there are very few openings for priestesses amongst the religions.  As most other races have magic, this tends to be a leveller as male and females are equally talented.


(01-10) Outcast:Character will be ignored, perhaps even attacked, when encountered by other family members

(11-40) Unpopular, The characters clan head will not talk to him, although other family members (probably at least Mother). The character will receive no favours and will be discouraged from living at home. Any birthright will be given grudgingly if at all.

(41-60) AverageNo particular advantages or disadvantages.

(61-96) PopularCharacter gets on well with the majority of the family.  He may receive special flavours

(96-00) Favourite The apple of your parents eye. almost certain to receive special treatment perhaps even displacing elder siblings.  This may result in jealousy on their part

Character points

Each starting character has ten points to spent on their initial skills.  Only ten points can be spent.


Skill : (Including Magic Skill) 1 point per skill or 5% increase in that skill

1 point per weapon proficiency

HDL 1 point for an additional hit dice (only 1 each level, type determined by Charisma)

1 point for each 1% in Divine intervention, for each point beyond first this gives priests a further spell.

1 point for each 1/16 Wisdom Power points for Wizards

1 point for each 1/16 Wisdom Power points for Priests


Magic User Example


Magic Users start with a base skill of (100 + Int Bonus + Dex Bonus + (Magic Skill * 5))

Thus 1st Level Mage with 4 pts

Int 18, Dex 16 Wis 12, Cha 9

150% chance 0th level

100% chance 1st level

HDL – Hit Dice Level = 1 (8 Hit point (Maximum from D8 at first level))

WP – Weapon Proficiencies = 1

Power Point Level = 4

Magic Skill Level = 4

Total = 10 points


Cast Chance: 0th Level = 150%, 1st Level = 100%, 2nd Level = 50%, 3rd Level = 0%

Power points = 3


Priests must take at least 1% of DI, but are allowed to take any amount.  At first level they receive tuition in all first level spells, however every point in subsequent level increases will also gain them an additional spell to use.  For every point spent after the first they gain an additional spell.  Therefore second level spells are available at first level!

However a priest can only select spells from one level, and they must have spells in all lower levels to an equal or greater number.  Thus if a priest has 8 x 1st level, 6 x 2nd level, 3 x 3rd level, They can only select either 2 x 2nd level, 3 x 3rd level or 3 x 4th level spells

Experince Level Increases – Superseded (see HERE)

2nd level target = 1,000

3rd level target = 2,000

4th level target = 3,000

5th level target = 4,000

6th level target = 6,000

7th level target = 8,000

8th level target = 10,000

9th level target = 12,000

10th level target = 14,000