Rules for Cantabria


Here is Steve B's official “Cantabrian Player's Manual”. Rendered into HTML by yours truly, SJW, the only changes are a few fixed typos (but this version is a bit more accessible than the original Word document. (There are some errors and omissions but, until Steve B has time to fix it, it seems best to for us Players to fill-in using the standard AD&D 1st Edition Rules).

Cantabria Player's Manual

Character Creation - Race, Racial Adjustment Table, Rolling Characteristics; Dwarves – Abilities, Heritage, Lineage; Elves – Abilities, Heritage, Lineage; Half-Elves – Abilities, Heritage, Lineage; Half Ogres; Half-Orcs – Abilities, Heritage, Lineage; Humans – Heritage; Lizard Men
Sex, Estrangement, Character points; Age, Initial Age, Die At; Bogey Roll

Experience Level Increases [updated as specified by SAB, 02-SEP-2010]

Statistics Tables

Skills, Skill Chances

Magic - Magic Fumble Table, Spell Training, Time Taken, Training Costs, Chance to Learn Spell, Spell Casting, Relearning Fumbled/Failed Spells
Colleges of Magic - Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Thaumaturgy

Cantabrian Spells List by College

Combat Rules - Weapon Proficiencies, Critical hits, Dealing Damage, Proficiency Training, Body Points; Choices in Combat: Attack (default), Sweep, Full Parry, Half Parry, Double weapon Attack, Parry/Retreat, Full Retreat, Attack/Advance, Aiming, Berserk; Unarmed Combat, Double strike, Full Block, Block and counter strike, Grapple; Weapon Statistics, Missile Weapons; Combat Fumble Table

Herbs Table (locations and properties)


Religions - Ukko (full), Ilmatar, Sif (full), Hel (full), Demeter, Mielikki, Freya, Hephaestus, Hermes, Bragi, Ahto, Loviatar, Hiisi, Surma, Forseti;
Corellon Larethian, Hanali Celanil, Solonor Thelandira; Moradin (full), Clanggedin (full), Dumathoin, Vergadain, Abbathor; Mitra, Set, Math.

Creatures of Cantabria

And on a lighter note...

The Great Cantabria Game

Here is a version of "The Great Khan Game", modified to represent Cantabria as an educational introduction to the setting. In which duchy is Sarcophraz? Which region is richest? What perils lurk in Uradili? Who rules the Inner Kingdom? Perhaps you, when you play!

The Great Cantabria Game map-board - This is the official map of Cantabria, tweaked slightly to be playable. (Print A3)
These are images of the cards, edited to match the Cantabrian duchies and other regions: 
The Great City of Canton, magical Chia, resourceful Denzalia, durable Duettin, stalwart Dwarf Land, forested Elhadriel, the ecumenical Holy See, The Inner Kingdom, intriguing Istria, Orc-infested Khalkidia, troubled Uradili, Beastly Orc Brigands, The Barony of Quaz, piratical Veloii plus SpecialsMercenariesHeroesTradersEvents. (Print A4)
And here's a summary of the Great Khan Game cards with their Cantabrian equivalents: Card Translations.

(NB: Lacking complete knowledge of Cantabria, I have put in what I know, invented some [the 'Holy See' in particular – but it fits well with the Khan Game piccies!] and left the rest as in the 'Whamite Isles'. Hopefully, as Steve gives out more authentic details, this can be modified until it's 100% accurate!). SJW